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Main Content:

What We're Doing

The ECEAE is campaigning to end cruel and archaic botox testing on animals:

We’re calling on all botox manufacturers to stop cruelly testing their products on mice.

You can help: Please write to them today.

We're calling on EU authorities to speed up the validation of alternatives to the LD50 test for botox so that manufacturers have to stop using mice in cruel tests.

The result: Watch this space!

Cruelty Free International is calling on the UK Government to ban the LD50 test for botox.

The result: The UK Government has commissioned a detailed report into the findings from the Cruelty Free international investigation.

We’re spreading the word with some great international news coverage

Including in the UK’s Sunday Times, Sunday Express, The Sun, the Netherland’s De Telegraaf, Germany’s Berliner Kurier and The Times of India.

The result: More and more people are getting to know the ugly truth about botox.

We’ve told hundreds of cosmetic clinics licensed to use botox about the cruel animal tests carried out for a product they use.

The result: Some clinics are putting pressure on the manufacturers to stop testing on animals.

We’ve met with many MEPs about our campaign and the Cruelty Free International investigation.

The result: We've had questions asked in the EU parliament by concerned MEPs. 

Donate today!

Please help our campaign to end animal experiments

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