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We achieved a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the EU!

Main Content:

Go Cruelty Free!

Thousands of animals across the world still endure painful experiments to test cosmetics, toiletries and their ingredients.

The Humane Cosmetics Standard, or HCS, is the only internationally-recognised scheme that enables consumers to easily identify and purchase cruelty-free products.

Launched in 1996 by an international coalition of animal protection groups from Europe and North America, the HCS now approves hundreds of leading high street brands available throughout Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

To feel confident that you’re buying cosmetics not tested on animals, look for the only internationally-recognised logo that is guaranteed cruelty free at every stage of a product’s development: the Leaping Bunny.

Go to to find out which brands are approved in your country.

If you see our Leaping Bunny logo on a product, you can be absolutely sure:

  •  The finished product has not been tested on animals.
  •  Cosmetic ingredients used to make that product have not been tested on animals in the company’s supply chain after a fixed date.
  •  The company has to recommit being cruelty free every year with a full audit.

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