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Main Content:

Torn From The Wild

Many of the primates used in European laboratories are imported from countries outside of the EU. Some are taken from the wild and exported to the EU from countries such as Mauritius and Barbados. Others will have either been born or bred in captivity in their country of origin from breeding colonies often permitted to be 're-stocked' with monkeys taken directly from the wild. Conditions in these facilities are often appalling.

The transportation of primates into the EU causes the monkeys immense stress, distress and suffering. The animals are packed into small wooden crates and travel as cargo, usually on passenger airlines. Transit times to the EU can take up to 70 hours. The monkeys may also have to endure inadequate ventilation, loud noise, extreme temperature fluctuations and delays en route.

Statistics for primate deaths and illnesses either during transportation or subsequently are usually not made public. However Cruelty Free International has uncovered examples of monkeys found dead on arrival, often as a result of distress and shock due to the conditions on board.

Cruelty Free International has carried out many investigations into the international trade in primates for research. Footage from Mauritius, Barbados, Tanzania, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos has revealed the immense cruelty and suffering that is inflicted on monkeys during their capture, caging, holding and transportation to the research industry. Find out more about the Cruelty Free International campaign against the international monkey trade here.

Cruelty Free International also has an ongoing campaign calling for airlines to stop transporting primates destined for the research industry.

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