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What We're Doing

The ECEAE believes there is no ethical or scientific justification for primate research and is campaigning for its end. Here are just a few examples of what we're doing both in the EU and internationally...

The ECEAE has campaigned hard for a phase out of the use of monkeys in research during the revision of the EU's animal experiments law (Directive 86/609/EEC).

Read more: You can find out more about our campaign here.

The ECEAE submitted a detailed complaint to the European Ombudsman about flaws and bias in a report by the European Commission which should have investigated alternatives to primate research.

The ECEAE believes the Commission working group lacked expertise in the area and failed to take crucial evidence into account.

The result: The European Ombudsman has opened an investigation into how the European Commission conducted the study, and noted that the issue is of great interest to the general public.

Cruelty Free International has carried out a number of investigations exposing the primate trade.

The Cruelty Free International investigations have exposed countries that export primates to be used in EU laboratories, uncovering the brutality and cruelty of the trade in wild caught monkeys and the often appalling conditions in which monkeys are held captive.

Read more: You can read more about the Cruelty Free International investigations here.

German ECEAE members Deutscher Tierschutzbund and Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany are campaigning to stop brain research being carried out on monkeys at Bremen University in Germany.

The result: A long court battle to try to finally stop these experiments is underway, but could take years to reach its final conclusion.

The ECEAE has taken part in international coalitions.

In July 2007 Malaysia announced it was lifting its longstanding ban on the export of monkeys for research. The ECEAE led the campaign in Europe with letters of protest sent to the Malaysian government and Embassies throughout Europe. Also, only last year, an attempt to establish a primate testing facility in Malaysia by a European company was suspended following widespread protest by the ECEAE and others.

The result: The Malaysian government announced in early 2008 its intention to reinstate the ban on the export of monkeys.

The ECEAE has joined forces with animal protection groups, the SPCA Selangor and SAM in Malaysia, to oppose the development of an animal testing facility which will house primates in Malacca, Malaysia.

The result: Our campaign has attracted international media coverage in Malaysia, Canada, China, France, Indonesia, Taiwan, the UK and the USA, generating significant criticism of the planned laboratory. The coalition’s petition against the facility received thousands of signatures and was presented to the Malaysian government. 

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