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What You Can Do

We only have 45 days to save them... Act now before it's too late!

REACH legislation states that some of the test proposals which are submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) must be open to public scrutiny for 45 days.

There will be a huge number of testing proposals that require careful scrutiny by experienced scientists to establish if the test is really needed. Every application we have to scrutinise is a potential death sentence on innocent animals, who need all the help they can get before their 45 days run out.

We know there are many alternatives to animal testing. Plus, the information the chemicals tests seek to provide may already exist elsewhere. The tests could be re-designed, or may be unnecessary altogether.

We desperately need the services of scientists who understand the technical complexities, and can wade through piles of scientific papers in order to find the evidence that’s needed to save animals’ lives.


We know we can save animals from suffering if we can just find the evidence that’s needed. Please, make a gift today to help us fund scientists who can find that evidence.

Donate today!

Please help our campaign to end animal experiments

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