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Feniks (Serbia)

Society for the Protection of Animals and Development of Civic Consciousness „Phoenix“ is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization founded in 2009 and acting throughout Serbia while being located in Belgrade.

The Society focuses on animal welfare and rights, with special attention to solving local problems in these areas. The Society is opposed to all experiments, procedures, production methods and any other use of animals that could cause pain and degrade their dignity.

Our mission is to create responsible attitudes in all our fellow-citizens, as part of their own everyday activities, towards nature and the environment including living creatures. Our vision is to gain equal rights in life for all living beings.

  Our activities are based on legal protection and implementation of protective laws, education of fellow-citizens to raise public awareness and influence on relevant institutions that deal with different animals protection issues. We act on protection of pets, animals in laboratories, farm animals, work animals, animals in entertainment and wildlife. We also help rehoming and assist our fellow-citizents in matters concerning animals welfare and protection.

We started three campaigns:

  1. "Be Part of the Solution, not Part of the Problem" educating on responsible animal ownership
  2. "Clean and Beautiful without Cruelty“ promoting use of cosmetics that were not tested on animals
  3. "Stop with Cruelty! Put on Humanity!“ informing our fellow-citizens about cruelties in production of natural furs and all the absurdity in wearing it

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Please help our campaign to end animal experiments

Feniks Serbia
Contact by Phone

Internacionalnih brigada 11
Belgrade 11000

Contact by Phone
  • Tel: 00381 64 253 71 15 / 00381 62 206 758

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